Don’t Waste Your Money on CBD COFFEE BEANS

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks. And just like CBD, it can also be beneficial to your health. Recently, people have started pairing CBD with coffee, by coating the beans with CBD oil or adding CBD Oil to a finished cup of coffee. But why have people started combining the two, and is it a good idea to do so this way? 

First off NO, absolutely not. Adding CBD oil to coffee or coating the beans is an extremely ineffective way to combine these two compounds: Caffeine and Cannabinoids. Oil and water do NOT mix and very little of the cannabinoids from ever entering your body.

In fact, a study by CBD.NOW shows that when brewed, CBD coated beans had no detectable cannabinoids in the finished product. However when testing the coffee grounds and tea leaves, they were present. This is consistent with cannabinoid oils not being water soluble.

Caffeine and Cannabinoids however when combined are very synergistic, so we understand the desire to do so. In fact, Cannabinoid Coffee provides the usual alertness and heightened acuity from caffeine, minus racing thoughts, hyperactivity, and anxiety..

Also notable: CBD is said to lessen the “crash”. This is feeling some experience when they consume lots of caffeine, then abstain. The result is a kind of “sustainable” caffeine high that eliminates the crash. SO, how do we add Cannabinoids and Caffeine? The answer is using water soluble cannabinoids and add them to your coffee in the same way you add sugar and sweeteners.

Chill Cawfee did extensive research in the best way to provide cannabinoids and that is why we NEVER use oil or oil coated beans. Our HOJI inside water soluble powder provides an accurate and effective dose and is a much better way to combine these two compounds.

Our powder 1) can be used in hot or cold beverages, 2) dissolves easily in both, 3) and is absorbed intestinally (more bioavailable).

To summarize, adding cannabinoids to your coffee can be a synergistic experience. It is also a great way to get your consistent dose of CBD as part of your morning routine. Many report better focus, energy and no crash. If you want to try adding CBD to your coffee, just avoid oil coated beans or locations where they add oil to your drink.

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