More than a CAWFEE SHOP

Chill Cawfee is much more than a local coffee shop. We strive to bring the community together at our inviting Valrico location. Enjoy pour over, siphon or French press varieties of rainforest alliance certified Coffees or try one of our infused herbal teas. 

We strive to offer healthier beverages and education on how incorporating cannabinoids into your lifestyle could benefit your well being. Our education center brings together our neighbors and experts on alternative healing strategies and provides a social environment for like minded neighbors to meet and enhance their experience. Chill Cawfee will also host the Valrico Artisan Faire every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. Bringing our local artists, craft makers and food vendors together for fun and support of the local community.




There is so much more to our location than just “ Caw-Fee”, sure we will serve you a hand crafted cup when here for a meeting or event but our name says it all. Cannabinoids and Wellness for Every Experience. Our location offers a cozy place where you can come “ CHILL” and meet with others who will help you learn about new and alternative type beverages which can enhance your life and experience. So come on in and try our Cannabinoid enhanced beverages, foods and state approved products which may fit in your lifestyle.