Don’t Waste Your Money on CBD COFFEE BEANS

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks. And just like CBD, it can also be beneficial to your health. Recently, people have started pairing CBD with coffee, by coating the beans with CBD oil or adding CBD Oil to a finished cup of coffee. But why have people started combining the two, and is it a good idea to do so this way?

Kratom Tea What is it?

Kratom is a plant from Southeast Asia . It is related to the coffee plant. It releases alkaloids ( caffeine is an alkaloid) which bind to your opiod receptors. This helps to relieve pain for some.


At Chill Caw-Fee we pride ourselves on our staff, understanding that all products are different for different people. We provide free consultations in store and are here to help you understand better.

Delta 8 What is it?

Delta8 is THC. However slightly different than what you may be familiar with.

Chef Prepared Meals

Back in 2013, Whole Body Fuel saw an opportunity to serve Tampa residents the freshest, chef-Inspired and healthiest meal prep delivered right to the door at a reasonable price.  We pride ourselves on our extensive Culinary team that boasts a Culinary Institute of America graduate, the world’s most premier culinary college located in New York. We now have those same meals available for pick up at both locations.


Some say there is never “TOO HIGH”. however there are some negative side effects if you decide to over indulge.