Start-Up Pursuit the series

Title: “Start-Up Pursuit: Built to Sell” by Tom Quigley

Book Description:

The journey of entrepreneurship is thrilling, yet laden with challenges. Among those challenges lies a question, not many start-ups consider at the outset – is your business built to sell? In “Start-Up Pursuit: Built to Sell,” the latest addition to the Start-Up Pursuit series, Tom Quigley demystifies the process of preparing your business for a lucrative exit.

Quigley invites readers to shift their perspective, encouraging them to view their ventures not just as passion projects, but as valuable assets in the marketplace. Drawing upon his vast experience and real-life case studies, Quigley outlines practical strategies to design a business that’s not only successful, but also attractive to potential buyers.

“Built to Sell” takes you through key considerations such as building a consistent income stream, developing standardized procedures, reducing client dependency, and cultivating a robust team, all of which increase your business’s marketability. Furthermore, it delves into the intricacies of valuation, deal negotiation, and how to smoothly transition out of your business post-sale.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, “Start-Up Pursuit: Built to Sell” equips you with the insights and tools to shape your start-up into a sellable venture. This book promises a comprehensive guide that illuminates a new path for your start-up pursuit—one where you’re building not just to operate, but to sell.

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